sex headcanons oops

spooktre would be like, all about foreplay, mostly because he’d want to make his partner feel good and not being touched much, so he’d be all giving and touching and teasing and in control, reducing the other person to a trembling mess because, and I quote directly, “he’s actually a sucker for touching people he trusts” 8) hmm and he’d only do it with someone he really really trusts 

(fem!rocky would be multi-orgasmic because of that)

both him and rocky are rlly good with their hands (coughguitaristsfingerfastercoughbassistsdoitdeepercough) and that makes all their fangirls/groupies swoon with sexual frustration :)

swag would probably go on those “after sex munchies” hunts for sweets and (try to) tease his partner with them (like passing chocolate mouth-to-mouth with rlly long and slow kisses, roll a chocolate truffle along their spine/abs/between their breasts/pecs etc) (he’d be all corny and sweet ok just a big bunch of fluffy cute and a teasing brat when his partner actually reacts to those affections)

rocky would probably be kinda awkward about it, like, he’d start giggling for no reason and he’d apologize while still laughing and he’d probably try using pick up lines but they’d be ridiculous and silly but still very effective because he’d talk with that voice and he’d have that look in his eyes that’d just make him an irresistable dork and he’d probably be p. darn good in bed after all the playing around. He’d probably hum songs or tap a rythm with his fingers against his partner’s skin during after-sex-cuddles or maybe, if he could, he’d just grab a guitar and start playing some random slow tunes 


ladies without undies uvu

headcanon Swag theme song uvu

50s’ hairstyles more like wow fun hahaha

I blame froggy again okay 

Swag is fun to draw uvu

handsome manly men *v*

headshots of the ladies

I get rlly bored in class ok

first three sketch commissions for kirakeijinx!

I hope you like them dear uvu

doodle uwu

Fists bared down into the stained wood of his axe, eyes lidding. “I could…kill you,” he said, weakly, distractedly, not really realizing what he said completely contradicted what he’d confessed a few nights ago. His hips started to roll in something like a steady pace. Pathetic chokes were squeezed from Swag’s throat and the sound just spurred Entre on. He watched as the angered red of the other man’s cheeks deepened into purple, a lack of oxygen evident in the muted blue in his lips, but he didn’t show signs of wanting Entre to stop.

A hand came up, but it didn’t try to nudge or knock Entre away, instead it clutched at his shirt and tugged, making Entre pause. Then he realized Swag was moving his hips just as eagerly against him.

“Don’t. St-top,” Swag hissed out in a hoarse whisper. “You a—asshole.” And then the fingers were tugging at his arm, grip almost bruising.

——Night Watch

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inspired by this headcanon right here

if it doesn’t work, click high res or open in a new tab to see the animation

I was thinking about adding sakura petals because it came out really anime-ish omg hahaha

and it’s done uvu

zombie au swoncest inspired by this

Swonter eiffel tower because ot3 (I have many ot3 okay sh)

drawn while listening to this (thank u Beka for suggesting this song omg)

I’d like to thank the tiny butterfly that’s been on my thumb for the last 15 minutes while I was colouring this

I’m sorry but Swag being locked in a closet with a can of green beans and an old teddybear is the best thing that I’ve seen in days

I’m sorry but Swag being locked in a closet with a can of green beans and an old teddybear is the best thing that I’ve seen in days