my part of an art trade with sassmafrassers!

gosh I hope you like it, backgrounds aren’t my speciality hahaha but I tried

have a kitty Dave all tangled up and hungry uvu

Davekat for Tresa uvu

thanks for coming to the livestream everyone, it was really nice seeing so many people there ;v; <3

Kanayam drawn at the livestream uvu

JAKE: Sorry about that.

JAKE: You know the whole “punching you” thing haha.

MEENAH: It’s fin

fishticuffs for Tresa uvu

sorry, no colour uwu maybe later hahaha (probably not)

ladies hahaha

Terezi and Nepeta are really cute ok

summer-ish BroJade, from the livestream!

gosh I love this pairing

here’s the drawing by itself just in case someone wanted it rebloggable uvu

BroJade because OTP

for the anon that said they missed my DirkJade art

it’s not technically DirkJade but I hope this is good too c:

Gamzee, aslo from the stream uvu

crack pairing from the stream!

immediately regrets posting this

no lineart will be fun, I said

why is this so bad, I said

slight….DirkJade I guess???

not really sure how to tag this

I’ll just

Vriska shirtless because I can

BroJade because OTP

also don’t be fooled

she’s dominating

Eridan and Roxy from the stream that’s going uvu