we watched monty python and the holy grail a few days ago and today we got a coconut and we’re opening it on the balcony with a rock im laughing so hard

shit son it’s hella late and i gotta wake up early tomorrow im gone bye

i was going to draw me summoning a snake demon so i just googled snake skull and i’m so glad i did they look so rad oh my god

i have a job interview on monday, unless they find someone better suited for the job before, and i have no idea what to wear bc it’s with a moroccan rich man and the lady who gave me the appointment said not to wear skirts above the knee or sleeveless shirts and i don’t have anything fancy besides dresses and i’m nervous?? wow 

sIGHs my brother’s dog killed one of the kittens

im going to sleep and hope i (don’t) have nightmares

marathoning juni ito and fuan no tane in one day is not good

the only thing scarier than junji ito’s work is Masaaki Nakayama’s work

we watched frozen in catalan and some rhymes were so forced it was hilarious but most of the voices were spot-on a+ dub would watch again

you know what would be super rad

attack on titan themed circus acts

i wanna draw cool tower of god fanart but all that comes to mind is baam/koon and mr. lero ro

my nerd dream is to have a black cat named yoite

Got this ring for 75 cents \m/

i really shouldnt have staid up til 4 am reading junji ito

my life advice is don’t read junji ito before bed