Judging u

My face on a transparent so we can spray it on stuff later hahaha

Made a paper flower diadem for a friend, for st george’s day bc she was feeling crummy! (it’s like valentines day so ye)
I like how it came out, might make one for myself haha

Hangin out with friends and mr o supporting me

We’re painting outsiiide

cats are gr8 i just took this picture and i was going to say i forgot to brush my hair and i look like an ugly prepubescent boy but my cat sat on my lap and forgot its tongue out so she made me laugh rlly hard man i love cats

i got stuff in the mail!! i’m at mom’s place for the weekend so i got it all at once haha but all these things were like a dollar each bc i’m poor but i wanna look cute

i got a cute purple flowercrown and a couple bunny ear ribbons and black horns \m/ my hair is so soft they keep falling off tho i’ll have to find a way to secure them into place hahaha

i also got the jacket for mako’s goku uniform cosplay but it’s so huge i couldn’t take a proper picture and i’ve gotta add the red cones and details so it’s just the base black jacket uvu

Excited yodeling!!!!

At least the cats cheer me up

At least the cats cheer me up

So i got makeup today?? I havent worn makeup in years omfg how do i do this
this is just a test for now haha i like that lipstick color tho

How the frick do u take pics of ur own neck’s nape

Heicho haircut

Heicho haircut

Cat nap

before and after

a year and two months of braces haha i’m so glad i did this wow look at that mess i had

Stuff for mako’s goku uniform!! Also dango